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Squirt Sealant with BeadBlock 150ml (5 oz.)

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Squirt Cycling Products® is proud to announce the launch of Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock®, a tyre sealant for both tubed and tubeless wheels, which provides superior puncture sealing properties while boasting a long lifespan and environmentally non-hazardous formulation. Like all Squirt Cycling Products, Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® has already been extensively tested in racing conditions and Squirt Cycling Products® is confident it will enhance your cycling experience.

Squirt Sealant is a blend of non-hazardous (according to EEC criteria) constituents which include ammonia-free water-based latex and components which prevent freezing and inhibit premature drying out. It contains pH stabilisers, corrosion inhibitors and preservatives. It also contains natural microfibres, which are suspended in the formulation and ceramic kernels are further added to increase the seal-ability of the solution. 

Key Factors:
  • Ammonia Free 
  • Longer lasting 
  • Easier to clean 
  • Environmentally safe, biodegradable and has minimal to zero bioaccumulation 
  • Multi-method sealing: Latex, Microfibres, BeadBlock Granules 
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors 
  • Seals punctures from objects with a 6mm diameter (Squirt Sealant with BeadBlock) 
  • Will not dry out prematurely or permit tyre walls to stick together 
  • Suitable for use from -20 °C to 40 °C 
  • Tested and proven best by Daniel Geismeyr (Team Centurion Vaude), Ariane Luthi (Team Spur Specialized), Rudi Van Houts (3 x Dutch Olympic XCO), Raphael Gagne (Canadian Cup Champion), under harsh Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race conditions 
  • 150ml can be applied through the valve of the wheel 
  • 1ltr and 5ltr are applied into the unseated tyre 
New tyres may absorb some sealant within the first couple of riding hours due to rubber porosity. Check sealant level and top up the liquid if required. Store remaining sealant (with cap on) and use as top-up when required. 

INSTRUCTIONS - 150ml product

    Application through valve (will seal puncture up to 6mm) 
  1. Turn wheel and set valve to 4 or 8 o’clock position. 
  2. Remove valve core. 
  3. Shake bottle well and remove tamper seal. 
  4. Secure the provided flexible tubing onto nozzle and valve stem and squirt desired amount of sealant into tyre. 
  5. Inflate tyre to correct pressure and keep inflated to manufacturer’s specifications.