About Squirt Cycling Products

Squirt cycling products are designed by a South African company producing environmentally friendly, biodegradable cycling products to enhance performance.

The company was founded in 2005 by a group of friends consisting of a lawyer, pharmacist and an engineer. “We are passionate about cycling and none of the products offered a solution so we created it”. A lot of research and tests ultimately led to a new lubricant that met all the required conditions and standards. The solution was a wax based lubricants rather than oil based. The wax based lube offeres more durability, less maintenance and have self cleaning properties. At last, they were able to produce a product that keeps the bicycle chain clean even under the wettest and driest conditions.

Squirt is a new generation chain lube that is 100% biodegradable containing no organic or harmful solvents and it is environmentally friendly. It dries with application leaving a layer of lubricating wax on the chain that does not attract dirt, staying on for extended periods as no grinding paste formation occurs. Squirt lube can be reapplied when needed and does not need cleaning ensuring smooth operation and increasing drivetrain life.

Within just two years, Squirt lube became the market leader in the field of chain lubricants in South Africa, where racing bikes and mountain bikes are very popular. Shortly thereafter, sales to Europe, Australia and the USA followed.

The company is continuously looking for ways to improve and create more high quality mountain and road bike products. Low-Temperature Chain Lube was developed for colder winter conditions, Bio-Bike is a biodegradable bike wash, Barrier Balm offers long lasting skin protection, Coated KMC Chains offers a ready to use chain, Seal puncture sealant to stop every lead and Sweat Sucker and slurp offers wearable highly absorbent solutions.

Squirt Canada is the official supplier of Squirt cycling products in Canada.