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Squirt e-bike Chain Wax 500ml/17 Fl oz

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Squirt E-Bike chain lube is a wax emulsion lubricant designed for higher rotational force on chains of e-bikes. It has the same base formula as normal Squirt with selected high presurre additives.

Squirt is biodegradable and contains selected waxes performing different functions in an emulsion. It runs at very low resistance.

When applied to the chain it dries, leaving a microfilm of wax that is dry and water repelling. It does not attract dust or debris and stays clean. Unlike oil based lubricants, Squirt E-Bike does not form a black paste that causes long term damage to a drive-train. It stays clean in all conditions, ideal for e-bike drivetrains with higher torques.

How to apply?

First time user:
1. Completely remove factory grease and other lubricants from your chain using a degreaser.
2. Rinse your chain with clean water and let it dry.
3. Follow the application instructions below and repeat after 5 minutes.

Application Instructions:
1. Shake bottle and apply to inside of DRY chain while turning the cranks.
2.Do not wipe off.
3. Allow chain to dry completely before cycling – especially in wet conditions. Do not degrease again.