We’ve seen wax lubes before but Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube has finally delivered where others have failed.
When applied to a clean, dry chain, the water-based carrier ensures that the wax reaches all moving parts while leaving a dry chain afterwards. Even in the wettest of conditions, the lube kept the chain moving freely and did not wash off like others have a tendency to. Reapplication was only necessary once or twice a week based on riding each day, although wet conditions would make it necessary more often.

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Cycling Weekly

Pop quiz: what’s your direct link between your Quads of Fury and your Soul Crushing Gears?……
That’s right, your chain. This vital piece of equipment needs to be kept clean and lubricated regularly so you can throw down watts and leave your competition in the dust.
Here’s how I treat my chain.
Squirt Lube is:
• Wax-based dry lubricant. It’s 4 different waxes emulsified in water. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t gunk up.
• Good for all weather conditions
• 100% biodegradable
• Lighter, thinner version for use in colder climates

About once a week I check out my chain and with a dry brush will sweep away any dried excess wax buildup and apply a drop of SquirtLube to the inside of my chain, each link. I’ll wipe off any that got on the outside of the chain, a few spins of the cranks, and she’s ready to go for the next ride.
This is the great part – once you have this on the chain, you don’t have to degrease the chain again. If the chain gets a little black (superficial road grime) you can clean the chain with the Bio Bike cleaner.
It works best if you start out by putting it on a completely clean chain. So, completely degrease and rinse off a new chain or one that has another type of lube already on it.
That’s it! Easy, right?
Thanks for watching and I’ll see you around!

Lisa Roberts, Professional Triathlete.

Lisa Roberts

Regardless of the chain lube you use, there are still good habits to get into in order to keep your drivetrain smooth and free of issues. However, we can definitely recommend Squirt Lube to Aussie mountain bikers wanting a clean-running chain lubricant for dry conditions. It only comes in a 120mL bottle and at $20 it isn’t particularly cheap, but then it’s on par with offerings from ProLink and TF2. The fact that it is 100% biodegradable though totally makes it a winner in our books.
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Enduro Magazine Review

Enduro Magazine

Good lube, this, and not to be confused with delicate wax lubes that demand you soak your chain in lavender oil for three weeks and then pick out the dirt with a toothpick before you apply it. You can just slap this stuff on, and after a few applications when excess wax starts to build up on the chain, you can easily brush it off, keeping your chain nice and clean. It stays put, too.

Rate the product for quality of construction: 8/10
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Rate the product for durability: 8/10
Rate the product for value: 7/10
Did you enjoy using the product? Yes: easy, clean and durable
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Dave Atkinson from

Dave Atkinson

Superb performance in dry conditions that finally lives up to wax-based billing, surprisingly long lasting, drivetrains stay cleaner and quieter longer

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James Huang from BikeRadar