Sweatsucker capillary sweatband


Squirt sweatsucker is a highly absorbant sweatband designed to absorb and channel moisture away from the face and eyewear. One size fits all.

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The Sweatsucker is a sweatband with an active ingredient. It is filled with inert absorbent ceramic granules that give a special properties. These granules has a high prorosity and permeability, ensuring high liquid storage capacity and high liquid abortive power. The capillary suction force of the epodes vary between 56kPa for the coarsest pores and 933 kPa for the finest pores; the potency of these forces gives the sweatband its characteristic action. On contact sweat is absorbed and sucked into the granules were it is evenly distributed along the sweatband.

With surface tension the sweat is gravity-drained away from the eyes and protective eye-wear to the lowest point of the sweatband (or on contact with helmet strap). Secondary evaporation of sweat from the surface are also ensures a cooling effect.

Instructions: Tie around head to a comfortable tension with a knot at the back. When worn with a helmet, tie sweatband around the outside of the helmet strap to enhance drainage.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 32 × 2.3 × 2 cm

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