Squirt e-bike Chain Wax 120ml


E-bikes place higher demands on their drivetrains than standard bicycles, due to higher torque loads and power outputs.This means that e-bike chains experience higher rates of wear. Squirt e-bike Chain Wax was specifically developed to meet these demands and negate the higher rates of wear and help lengthen the life of your e-bike drivetrain.

Squirt e-bike Chain Wax uses the same proven and trusted, biodegradable wax/water emulsion technology as normal Squirt Chain Lube and is fortified with specialized high-pressure friction modifiers. The new Squirt e-Bike Chain Wax is slightly more slick than normal Squirt Chain Lube. This enables e-Bike Chain Wax to handle higher torque pressure and last longer in wet riding conditions than other wax based lubricants.

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Weight 135 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 125 cm

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One thought on “Squirt e-bike Chain Wax 120ml

  1. This stuff is amazing. I’ve put about 200km on it since applying it on my Bosch mid-drive full suspension e-bike. I’ve ridden about 60% road and 40% trails, mostly dry conditions, some mud on the trails. The chain looks almost new still after 200km, it hasn’t picked up any dirt, the rollers are gunk free and no squeaks at all. I previous tried Muc-off drylube in the same condition and the chain was squeaking and clattering after 25-40km. Shifting is smooth and I have no issues with chain suck or mis shifts. I tell everyone about this lube and highly recommend it. Make sure you super clean your chain before applying it, this is very important. Use dish soap and a scrub brush and dry it thoroughly before applying, even if the chain is brand new, as they usually come new with grease on them. Apply to each individual roller. You may find you need to clean your drivetrain cogs a bit after the first ride, this is normal.

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